The Harbord Remembers Campaign





Chris Bolton
Trustee, Toronto District
School Board

Olivia Chow MP

Leslie Dan

Ivan Fecan

The Right Honorable
Edwin Goodman

Jack L. Granatstein

Royson James

Rabbi Joseph Kelman

Monte Kwinter MPP

Dr. Bernard Langer

Nathan Leipciger

Rosario Marchese MPP

Joe Pantalone
Deputy Mayor
City of Toronto

Morley S. Wolfe QC

Patricia Wong


Murray Rubin
Chairman, Fundraising

Peter Miller
The Harbord Foundation

Annie Kwong
The Harbord Club



Some years ago the Harbord Club accepted a challenge: raise the funds to restore OUR SOLDIER, the World War I monument that has graced the front of Harbord Collegiate since 1921. Generations of students have taken this handsome work as part of their lives at Harbord. By the nineteen nineties, however, OUR SOLDIER was in urgent need of a major restoration.

Now that work has been completed, thanks to the remarkable generosity of hundreds of Harbord alumnae, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation and The Toronto District School Board.

On Remembrance Day 2005, at a ceremony in front of the school, OUR SOLDIER, perfectly restored, was rededicated. The students, alumnae and distinguished guests who attended will long remember this most moving occasion.

OUR SOLDIER is restored. Now we must turn to the second part of our challenge.

While the many young Harbordites who served in the First War have been suitably honoured, those who served in World War II have not.

Thus, once again The Harbord Club has taken on a formidable task. We have commissioned a new memorial for the School: a monument in stainless steel by Harbord grad Morton Katz. It is to mark permanently another generation of young Harbordites who gave all they had to give so that we could enjoy the peace and freedom and harmony we so often take for granted.


So we come to our plea. We are far short of the money we need to complete our job. We have raised $42,000 so far. Once again, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation has most generously launched our campaign. Still, we must find another $58,000.

It will not be easy. In our world today there are so many worthy needs to be met. At first our cause may not strike you as a priority. But consider this: In 1939 young people could have argued that going thousands of miles away to fight and die did not make much sense either. Yet they did. And every generation since has ample reason to honour their sacrifice.

Since the end of World War II the students of Harbord Collegiate have reflected the changing nature of our city and our land: young newcomers from one culture giving way to youth from another. That's almost certain to continue. It is truly important that we provide them with the means of understanding that an earlier generation's sense of service and sacrifice created the kind of Canada that has welcomed so many from so far.

Please help us meet our goal. No gift is too small. Make whatever contribution you can to one fine day, not too far away, when Harbord students and old Harbordites, teachers present and past, children and grandchildren, can meet once more at our school as we unveil this handsome tribute to those young Harbordites who gave so much.


Murray Rubin

Please mark your tax-deductible donations "For Monument" and make them payable to: "The Harbord Foundation" at 286 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON, M6G 1G5.

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