Harbord Remembers

The first phase of our agreement with the Toronto District Board of Education, the refurbishment of the WW I monument and its moving rededication ceremony, is completed.

We now move to the next element of our commitment, the creation of our WW II monument in remembrance of those Harbord kids who fought and those who gave their lives during the Second World War.

At present, we have raised $48,000.00 including a most generous $20,000.00 gift from the Garfield Weston Foundation. We need approximately $52,000.00 more to complete our fund-raising. Please send your donations to the Harbord Foundation, 280 Harbord St. Toronto , M6G1G5

Making a donation to the Harbord Remembers Campaign is an opportunity and a privilege to give due recognition to the sacrifice of those heroes, those students of Harbord.

WWII Memorial Sculpture

The sculpture takes the form of a stainless steel “H” with an 8” separation between the vertical arms of the “H” creating two independent arms 18' tall. The “break” or disconnect represents the rending of futures – the lives of those students, lost in the World War II.

To read the names of those whose memories are honoured, one stands within, and is embraced by the sculpture. The monument will be situated in the sunken courtyard at the the S-E corner of the building so as to complement the existing, newly refurbished WW I Memorial.

About the Sculptor

MORTON KATZ, is an architect who held a professorship in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Toronto . He was just selected as the winner of an international competition for the creation of a Holocaust Memorial in the United States.

Recently, he returned from London , England where one of his sculptures will be installed at the London School of Economics. This past November, the Canada-Israel Committee selected him as winner of its national poster competition. In 2001, he was 1 of 3, chosen from 30 Canadian artists to exhibit at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo . Morton is a past President of the Sculptors Society of Canada.

His works can be found in Canada , Europe, and the U.S. with additional public art and commissions at the Windsor Sculpture Garden , University of Windsor , the University of Toronto , the Baycrest Centre, Toronto , and the Art Gallery of Windsor. Morton is a Harbord Grad.